Refrigerator Water Filters

Water filters use a very fine grade barrier to remove impurities from water. There are many different types of water filters that are used for everything from swimming pools, aquariums, irrigation, and most importantly drinking water. Drinking water is some thing that we all use on a daily basis and want it to be as pure as possible. Which is why many of us have installed a refrigerator water filter.

As we grow more and more aware of the importance of water – Americans are consuming more water every day. Along with are awareness of water many of us have realized that are local water sources may not be as pure as we want them to be. Keep that in mind you may want to take extra precautions at home to get the cleanest drinking water you can.

With technology growing in leaps and bounds purification systems are getting better and better bringing us cleaner water all the time. We can use these new purification technologies in our homes to get the clean drinking water we have been looking for.

There are many companies that sell refrigerator water filters like – GE (General Electric), Whirlpool, May Tag, Amana, Kitchenaid, Pur, Frigidaire, Samsung, and Brita. Companies like these are coming out with newer better filters all the time.

At this point you may be wondering why is the water so dirty? There are three major factors to look at – the water supply infrastructure for America, industrial chemical waste, and our growing population needing more water every day.

Out of the three major factors the most important seemed to be the water supply infrastructure. There are over 170,000 city water processing authorities moving about 34 billion gallons of water a day and that just to deliver 3 billion glasses of water to drink a day.

The problem is the water processing authorities and the industrial sized carbon water filters they used along with their chlorination process just isn’t enough but only meets the bare minimum set by the law under the SWDA(Safe Water Drinking Act) and EPA.

In addition America has about 40 million miles of pipelines that we send this water through. This current water infrastructure was built and installed between 1920 to 1950 lets just say a lot has changed since then – keep in mind this is the time your great grand parents where around and the system hasn’t really been upgraded since it was built.

Secondly America’s industrial chemical waste production has grown far beyond that of what we are doing to keep our water clean. That means there are about twelve to twenty thousand chemicals which exist and find there way to the water supply.

One of the most fear water contaminates is lead. You may find it interesting or even scary to known that the pipes that carry the water to your homes are made of 8% to 12%. So when these pipes get old and corrosion occurs lead particles go from the pipe into the water.

Lastly with America’s population growing to over 235 million our water needs are increasing greatly, but agricultural and industrial waste are growing – its just not going to equal out. This causes are water standards to decrease more and more.