Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Filters

Using Frigidaire filtering system in your household refrigerator to have good clean, and safe ice and water. The Frigidaire experience – If you are like the rest of us living here in America that is learning of the decreased standards of our drinking water that is being delivered into our businesses and homes. With Frigidaire the engineers here know all to well about the falling standards of America’s water and know the “key” to good clean water is filtration at the point of use which is right before consumption.

The Frigidaire company offers many products to help you get the good tasting clean water you have been looking for. They offer filtration products for your whole home, faucets, refrigerator, and pitchers. If you are like most of us you get your water from the unit in your refrigerator door. They have an excellent refrigerator water filter.

You may be asking yourself “What are the risks in public water and how will the Frigidaire refrigerator water filter help?” The Frigidaire filter will remove 99% of the asbestos and lead from the water that goes through pipelines leading into your home. You may not know that there are many impurities like lead that contaminate your water that migrated into parts of the millions of miles of city water pipelines.

You will need a high quality particle carbon filter or block used for all drinking water coming into your house like the one Frigidaire refrigerator water filter has or the suspended lead impurity of the water will make it into your home to end up being used by you.

In addition to getting rid of 99% of lead and asbestos. This filter is also know for ridding your drinking water of about 96% of other water impurities like pesticides, dirt, and organic and biological impurities that come from human or animal waste, and agricultural pesticides that can merge into your local water aquifer or from old and rusty water pipelines that eventually lead to your home.