GE Refrigerator Water Filters

If clean water is what you want then GE is the place to look. People have been looking to GE(General Electric) for all the kitchen and home appliance needs for over a century. GE is well renowned for their excellence in customer service and for setting an high industry standard when it comes to their products. With GE being the best of the best when it comes to kitchen appliances why look anywhere else for refrigerator water filters.

With families all over America turning to GE for the best tasting water – the rest of us want to know what making the water so clean. The GE designers and engineers responsible for the GE refrigerator water filters have the same cares for water quality that you do, with GE having this in mind they have made a wide range of business and home high quality drinking water filtration systems to match your drinking water needs and wallet.

When it comes to GE refrigerator water filters you will have all the bases covered – control over your drinking water, saving money from not using bottled water, and most important clean great tasting water.

Control Over Your Drinking Water – This is what GE calls “Point Of Use” – which is cleaning the water right before you drink it. Most city water that is delivered in to your home has been filtered at some point but the water hasn’t been completely filtered and may pick up impurities between the city filtration and your tap especially in the pipelines that the water is sent through. Having a GE filter at the “Point Of Use” gives you control over what you drink.

Saving Money Over Bottled Water – Using most GE filter will cost less that $200 a year. Most GE filters can filter over 1000 gallons – that ends up only costing you about $0.11 a gallon opposed to bottled water at $0.85 a gallon.

Clean Great Tasting Water – With this being the most important reason you are here. GE makes it their top priority to decrease impurities that are in your home drinking water. A GE refrigerator water filter can get rid of 99% of mercury, water borne lead, herbicides, arsenic, impure organic compounds, dirt, rust, algae, mold, viruses, and many other substances that you would not want to drink.